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    I have found out in the Ghosttowns.com forum that some people dislike him.

I must admit, I was quite surpised to find this article as I was wondering how he was doing and whether or not he was alive. He seemed nice to us and when we were trying to keep in touch with him, he seemed happy to hear from us. We gave him a visit when he was staying at a friend's ranch. He took off and did not let us know where he went. We wanted to keep him as a friend.

I remember one day my family and I dropped by to visit him and have a cup of coffee and chat about the video we made and ask what his plans were for the next year.   What this man does is offer donkey rides to children in historic gold mining communities anywhere he can stake his claim. From reading the postings on the ghosttown.com forum, I understand that he has a history of packing up and moving on quite frequently.  He is accused of bumming money off people, using them, borrowing or taking things from them, and then takes off like a bandit.  Beware of this con artist is the message that some people have warned.  He did not do us any harm because we were just trying to be a good friend to him. I can't always believe what others say that is how rumors are spread. I hope that none of the accusations were true. It would be nice to bump into him by surprise one day walking his donkey and talk about the good old days. I hope he is okay and that he knows that our memories of him are good ones.
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I have my vocational diploma as a medical insurance specialist. It is good for looking for a job at doctor's offices. It can even help in finding work in hospitals because two other graduates have found work in good local hospitals. I strongly believe in perserverance for job hunting.
The next step is to continue learning advanced Excel which is not required but I want to learn it to be able to be as proficient in Excel as possible. Excel is a very useful skill in the job market. I am also going to study to take the test for the license for medical billing and coding. So most of us who had that class are going to continue taking the class to prepare for the test.
I really want to go to ROP and study for an LVN license. I believe I would really want to take up nursing. 
I can't believe that I am accomplishing so much. I don't know how I do it because I am very depressed and badly in need of treatment for it plus I have some kind of gout type of thing going on with my ankle. My health is not good at all at the moment. I know I need to take better care of myself.
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I am glad to be an American because I can do things like this. I just went to court today and changed my name! I am now legally Susan! It's easy! I owe much thanks to legalzoom.com for making it much easier for me. I didn't even take that long.
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Here are some cars from the Peterson Car Museum we went to a month ago. Loz took the pictures. 
The Batmobile

Elvis' Caddy

57 T-Bird

Old Timer

Petrol Pumps

Oh no! Holstein.

I finally saw American Grafitti for the first time in my life!  I can't believe I never saw it before but I didn't until yesterday.  It was good.
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I typed 42 wpm with 3 errrors and had 98% accuracy.  One major hurdle has been completed.  I no longer have to worry about passing the keyboarding test or retaking the keyboarding class which I was signed up for in the fall.  The school counselor advised me to change my classes and take Excel instead and to also retake the Medical Billing and Coding class. She also added a multipurpose class for the third period so that I could work on my typing and keep taking the test.  I no longer need it for that but maybe I can use it as a study lab period for my other classes.  I am DONE with keyboarding!!!  Yay!!!!  Originally they were going to give me my diploma this week but I would have to settle for the old medical office assistant diploma which is outdated because it does not include the complete Excel class nor does it include the new curriculum for the Medical Billing and Coding class which is very different than it was two years ago when I last took it. Also that certificate that I earned was only good for one year.  They were nice enough to let me get away with the old Medical Office Assistant diploma but it won't help me find a good job.  If I want a good job in a hospital or doctor's office, I will have to remain a student at that school this fall.  I can find a second shift job at a store so I will have time to look for work during my month long summer break.  Tomorrow is the last day!  

This week I have had a shitload of bad news.  I seriously have had a major outbreak of bad luck.  I shall keep posting the news as I learn the truth.  Sometimes your bad luck can twist around and end up good. We shall see.  I hope things will be okay.  Cross my fingers.  Just when your life is starting to turn out good, shit starts happening.  If it does then I will be a different person.  That is scary.  I am already cynical as it is. 
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Laura just came back from Australia!

We had a family party watching a dvd, her friend, Sydney made of their six months at University of Woolongong.  We also looked at more pictures and watched an Australian movie called "Thunderstruck" .  It was funny.  Jackie, Laura, and I were staying up so late!  

I barbequed some thick juicy steaks for Steve and made everyone delicious shish-kabobs with prawns and salmon to celebrate fathers day and Steve's birthday.  That would have to be a sneak preview birthday for Steve as his was really yesterday but he got home too late and he was knackered so we only gave him a present and a card.  Today we will celebrate at the Outback Steak House as his request for a birthday dinner. 

Anzac Day  is a day that schools are shut because it is basically a bank holiday as they would call it in the mother country.  That means that if you have a project to be turned in, do so the day before this special day. You can only buy Anzac biscuits on Anzac day.  It was a special treat to have Anzac biscuits with tea as we watched movies late at night.


We learned about Nutella hazelnut spread and I found a jar of Nutella at the store.


And don't forget Vegemite!    

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ABC stands for the Artesia, Bellflower, and Cerritos school district.  It really sucks there.  I go for a few good reasons. One, it is really affordable, two, I am very close to being finished and earn my diploma, three, it is close enough for me to grudgingly drive there, and four, the students there are nice.

I am damn near close to being able to pass the keyboarding test.  What I need is to type 40 wpm with 98% accuracy.  I do need to work on my accuracy. I must finish QuickBooks, Word, and Windows also and then I should have my medical office diploma.  

A serious amount of politics are going on there these days.  It is NOT Fair!!!

There is this one teacher for instance who told me something that was very self condradictory when I once spoke to her after class. I asked her if I push her wrong buttons and drive her mad with my questions.  She said no and that she is just here to teach and not become friends with the students.  HA HA HA!!  I always see her whispering, laughing and gossiping for a long time with some of the students which are mostly female.  She'll sit and talk with her "friend" students for an hour while the rest of us are being very quiet and working hard on our lessons.  It's people like me, she doesn't have a minute of her time for. God forbid, I ask her a simple question.  It's a good thing we have her aide to ask for help from.  This teacher is very abrupt with me.  I think she just does not take me seriously and thinks I am just going there for something to do.  I had her when I first enrolled in ABC two years ago.  I could tell she disliked me from the first day I saw her. She uses selective listening.  When I speak, she does not seem to understand  what I said.  

I remember when I first started going there, she took sides in a silly spat between one of her favorite students and her opponent.  Both students happened to be a bit vociferous.  One lady was from Lebanon and she was very outspoken and might have appeared to have been a know-it-all but I got the impression that she was not intending to be that way.  I think she was just excited about medical studies.  I happen to be myself so that's why I can understand.  The other student was getting confrontational and there was to be no more peace in that classroom unfortunately.  Almost every day they would have a row.  She said that she would tell the teacher of the other class as a warning that her nemesis was planning to take her class.

Then there is this one teacher I have had for a year and he is pretty nice, but mostly serious and seems to have his favorite students.  I notice that he will be very attentive to the "pet" students and I feel as though I am a lurker in an active chat room.  I joke around with him and sometimes he actually laughs with me. He also uses selective listening and even admitted it to me.  The other day I put a realistic looking cockroach sticker on the tissue box of his desk. That was last friday. On monday, it was gone. drats!

I think that miserable anti-social bigots DO NOT belong in a school.  That school needs someone like me. nahhh, too much responsibility to be a teacher.  I think I wouldn't mind being an aide.

My big Question of the day for the first teacher, I mentioned is "Am I wrong in my observation, that you tend to over magnify the mistakes of certain students in your classes and overlook the same mistakes in others?"

A bit of revision here:  Please don't take this as harsh criticism as I do understand that being a teacher is a most underappreciated job and takes incredible patience which a normal person should never have.

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This was what my first husband's dorm room looked like.  It nearly scared me away from him. I felt like running back home to never speak to him again when I first saw this room.  I am a neat freak, right?  
He worked at Whittier college as a media coordinator which meant that he just assisted the coaches and professors with mike set ups, sound, equipment, tvs, films, anything that would help aid their lessons.
He had already graduated from this college with a BA in history and physical education.  
I thought it over and said if I run away from this guy, I'd still be needing to run away from alot more drama which tops this crap.


It was hard to get my wish.  I wanted so much, a house that looked like those Ladies' Home Journal, Women's Day, Better Homes And Gardens, and House Beautiful magazines that my mum used to buy.  I would spend hours staring at the pictures of beautiful homes and then draw my dream homes and how I wished they looked. I wanted so much, a clean, neat, organized, uncluttered, stylish home which my mum never could seem to conjure up even though she bought all of those magazines.  What was that all about then?  I wondered.  Our furniture, if there were any, came from either other people's basements or some garage sale.  Clutter followed me around everywhere I went.  I am now fighting a major battle of banishing clutter and letting go of things that I CAN live without. The less I have, the easier it will be for me.  I am totally lost in a never ending sea of clutter.


Here is my lovely Princess now out in the outback just like her mum.
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Our family doctor is very peculiar and very serious.  He is also very quick about getting finished with his patients' visits.  

I tried my best to make him laugh when I took Jackie see to him about getting her veruca removed, he was very evasive, unfriendly and serious. He also said that she didn't need anything done to her foot.  She just needed some powder.  

I asked him if he had some native american ancestry because of his jewelry he always wore since I have grown tired of supression.  He said yeah with very little enthusiasm. 

Here is a silly little song I wrote about him.


     Somber and serious 
     Creepy and mysterious
     Go see Dr Snickett
     for the price of a movie ticket

If you have a wart don't pick it
Just go to Stanton to see Dr. Snickett

If you need an ointment
You don't need an appointment

      Somber and serious 
     Creepy and mysterious
     Go see Dr Snickett
     for the price of a movie ticket

He's got big green Doc Martins on his feet
He's so big he can barely sit on his seat

He's on a budget, he keeps the same old stuff
Ten years pass and his stuff is good enough

     Somber and serious 
     Creepy and mysterious
     Go see Dr Snickett
     for the price of a movie ticket

I think he wants to be a millionaire
Go down to the Doctor's, I'll see you there

               At least I made all of my other doctors laugh!

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This morning I realized that it has to be my godforsaken name that has got to be cursed and it might not hurt to change it for good, legally!  I hate my name that my mum gave me at birth!!!!
For crisakes, it's "Cynthia",  "SIFFIA",  "Th'", "Th", "Th"! "Plah!"  GIVE THIS POOR GIRL A NEW NAME!
Damn it, I'm changing this name legally real soon in fact.  My apartment manager phoned me up and said, "Cindy?" HA HA HA!!!
Them's fightin' words, watch it! She phoned me up to tell me I have to go to "hell" to give them my money order so I won't get the old heave ho.  
Lemme explain,  my magnificent unmedicated hyperactive amygdala got me into some minor trouble. I thought that they raised my rent to a smaller amount than they actually raised it to. It is now $1,077.00 a month but I subtracted the lousy old four year old $50.00 late fee to make it out to $1,027.00!  You see, those dipsticks have never removed the late fee from 2002 which was actually waived by our apartment manager.  I should have phoned them to make sure I knew the exact amount I had to pay.

You all know me as "TJ".  That's ok for now I guess but the stupid old Tiajuana jokes are really getting old.

Meanwhile I had to drive my little blue car with the rearview mirror hanging by a wire from the windscreen to my local friendly neighborhood "fatmart" to get a stinkin $50.00 money order for the slumlords to save my little rat's nest.  I thought, "Why not go get Steve some more $1.97 contact lense solution he asked me to get for him and while I'm at it see if I could find some cheap brown leather sandals to go with my new wench constume I just got last sunday for the Rennaisance Faire.  There I was trying on different sandals.  A noisy little girl was plowing into me as I was coincidentally dodging her with one converse style shoe on my left foot and one brown sandal on my right.  I didn't feel like carrying my other baseball shoe around so I just left it near the shoe racks without being in anyone's way as were the other rejected ugly trendy shoes.  I continued to try on shoes as the little girl, in the company of three adult women, was amusing herself  by kicking my black and white baseball shoe around the floor like it was a ball.  Nobody was paying any attention to this tiny little girl.  The women were too engrossed in the hundreds of shoes on display. I just about had enough of the overpriced hideous footwear and started to laugh as I watched the little girl, angrily kick my shoe while the grown ups just kept on looking at shoes.  Somehow I got their attention and then they laughed too as I pointed her out and said she found my shoe, and how I would have wanted to kick it too because I could do with a new pair. I thought, good, I made some people laugh and then they will leave it alone and I shall pick it up but in a few seconds I turned around and like the outer limits, they all disappeared and so did my shoe!
I looked around every where but never found my other shoe so I walked around fatmart with one shoe.  The good news is I did find a pair of cheap arse brown leather sandals for $6.00! In my size. Size 8 in fact if you wondered. I was pretty lucky.  As soon as I paid for them, I put them on and got my money order and then I went to hell which I shall call, because you have to get there by either a very long winding journey of long never ending surface streets for an hour and a half or you can take the devil's rollercoaster ride (freeway) which is much much faster. NO thanks, I don't feel ready to die yet.  What an adventure it was to save the rat's nest! 

Sunday, I was somewhat of a celebrity of some sort.  People wanted to spoil me and that I was, gladly.  Steve  treated us to brekkie at the IHOP.  He got steak and shrimp and Jackie and I got the biscuits and gravy breakfast and the stuffed french toast as well. We chucked our little sausages on Steve's plate. The biscuits and gravy was the best but the stuffed french toast was far too sweet. Ah, indulgence! Jackie gave me a t-shirt for mum's day. It has Tinkerbelle on it.  Tink and I have very very similar personalities, I swear.  If you ever watch Peter Pan you will notice she is very mischievious and sulks when she's upset.  Anyone who knows me would say that I am just like her.

We took a constitutional to burn off our caloric intake and found a costume shop going out of business that had Rennaisance Faire costumes!  I found a really good wench costume that I liked so I had to buy it. I decided it would be more comfortable in the hot dessert. 

Jackie took me to a spa where I got to go in the hot tub and get a full body massage and the works.  It nearly took all day.  This is why they call it Eden Day Spa. 

You get scrubbed from head to toe with seaweed and herbal tingling concoctions but the skin will be sure to glow after this treatment.

I was also served tea with a treat that looked like eyeballs.  I tried some.  They tasted liked a sesame garlic rice dumpling.  They were good but kind of squishy which at first puts me off.  They are called mandu I believe.  I have yet to learn more about Korean food.  It is interesting.

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